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The territory Posada

Posada, located on the east coast of Sardinia, is the ideal place for those searching for a beach vacation. The beaches, amongst the most beautiful that Sardinia has to offer, Posada and historical Posada date back to medieval times, a group of antique homes at the foot of a rocky hill topped by Castello della Fava which overlooks the valley. The greatest of its glory came during the rule of Giudicessa Eleonora d'Arborea. Historians concur that Posada was the place where the legendary Feronia arose, a port-city from the Etruscan-Roman period.

The beaches of the area

Our Holiday Farm is located just a few kilometres from the most well-known towns in the area like Budoni, Porto Ottiolu and San Teodoro, which, along with Posada, are the best places to spend an unforgettable holiday near the beautiful beaches of the central eastern coastline of Sardinia. Our farm is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy the beach during the day or take a trip to explore the inland and discover our beautiful island. Also excellent for those looking for night time entertainment in the nearby nightclubs of Agrustos and San Teodoro, high spots for night life in the area. Sea and mountains, relaxation and fun, our recipe for your ideal holiday.

Orvile beach

Posada beach

Agrustos beach

S.Teodoro beach