Agriturismo Guparza

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The dining room and our cuisine

The beautiful dining room leads onto the garden and is the ideal place for banquets and ceremonies where it is possible to enjoy the best Sardinian delicacies. All products are locally produced and prepared by experts, so eating at our farmhouse means eating the most genuine and natural products that Sardinia has to offer.

Our traditional cuisine

Trippa chin baiolu

Beef tripe, boiled and served with beans.


Tender pork meat of the type used to make sausages, fried, with olives.

Maccarrones de punzu

Handmade Sardinian gnocchi with tomato sauce.

Insalada de porcheddu

Roast pork salad with fresh seasonal vegetables.

Petta a lardinu

Pork meat cut into chunks served with chickpeas

Seadas e gattò

Seadas: pecorino cheese wrapped in pastry, fried and served with honey or sugar.

Gattò: a dessert for special occasions, made with orange peel, honey and almonds.

Sardizza in umidu

Sausages prepared with tomato, bay leaves, thyme, oregano and onion.

Insalada de ortu

Salad made with aubergines, courgettes and peppers.

Anzone chin frinugu e patata

Lamb with wild fennel served with potatoes.

Sardinian cheeses and cold cuts

A selection of different traditional Sardinian cheeses and cold cuts.